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It’d be great if he connected with your crew, but worrying too much about how others will react to him makes it harder to figure out whether you like him, says April Beyer, a dating and relationship coach.

The fix: “Falling in love requires bravery,” Beyer says.

So how do you keep yourself from expecting too much too soon?

Shoulds are by definition expectations imposed by others. When we do follow them we often feel driven..expect a payoff for our efforts: Since I am doing what I really don’t want to do, I do expect others to appreciate, notice, give me a reward, pat me on the head, do what I expect. What I was trying to describe is everyday decision-making about our own actions.

His values—whether or not he wants kids, how commitment-oriented he is—are a lot more essential to a healthy relationship, adds Kate Stewart, a Seattle-based therapist and dating coach.

“Making sure those things match up are a lot more indicative of whether or not a romance will last than superficial details like salary."The fix: Go ahead and have a list of things you want in a guy, but put the things you need Maybe you always date tall guys or find yourself going after book-loving hipsters.

Rather than looking down and focused on ourselves, we’re always looking ahead and at others. Here are 5 interrelated benefits of deciding and acting without expectations: 1. I push myself to make my sales figures because it is part of my being a good worker or because I like the challenge. It’s about rewiring your brain, it takes concentration. Push aside the shoulds, the mental rush towards the outcome, the response of others, the future. They expect to be rewarded for something they should be doing, which, begs the question..are they doing it for? Its almost like when people plan things, or expect things to happen or events to turn out like they have fantasized or rely on people, and then something happens they did not plan/envision/see or factor in messes up everything and all they can say in their states of sheer disbelief and emotional shock is "I didn't see it coming" I couldn't believe it.

I clean the kitchen because I want it neater or because I don’t want my wife to have to worry about it. The decisions / choices of life come one-by-one in the moment. Stay in the moment, see your decision right now as your decision, as the best decision you can make in the moment. Its like these people have no concept of failure and just place way to many expectations on the positives of outcomes/people while totally ignoring other more, shall we say..favorable outcomes.

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