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Really, I’ve only been married one time (laughs).”Going forward, Smith says that background checks will definitely be incorporated into her dating routine.“You can’t believe everything that everyone says, and I actually didn’t think that I was that famous to the point where somebody would look at me as a mark to be able to try to set me up and con me.

I was just oblivious to the reality to how desperate people are and now it’s all about a background check, honey,” she said.

“I don’t care if you just want to kiss the brother, you call up and I got a good private investigator.”She’s also encouraging other women to do their homework as well.“And I just think that us — as career women — we’ve got to protect ourselves.

And when men come to us that we don’t know and we don’t know their families, I think it’s important for us to do a serious background check so we can know who we’re dealing with,” Smith said.

For instance, the fact that he led her to believe that he was a preacher and man of faith with a good moral compass, as Smith is strong in her faith. And this man with all his baggage was her manager at one point.

As a result, the actress was granted an annulment — something the 45-year-old now refers to as a “miracle.”“I have had the best life and experiences, ever.A growing trend, particularly amongst busy businessmen, is to hire a third party to write their profile description and manage introductory correspondence. To my mind, speed dating is possibly the most unromantic thing in the world but if two people meet and fall in love because of a speed dating event, who am I to question their relationship?Preferably this third party has a way with words and a curved moral compass. The way with words is required to make the client sound even more magnificent than he already is while the curved moral compass ensures I have no problem chatting up women on his behalf. Both online dating and speed dating focus on the result not the process. He was still reeling from the unexpected break up of his previous relationship. In the space of a month he signed up to more than 30 different dating sites including Sugardaddie.com, Match.com, Perfect Match.com, Chemistry.com, e and The judge said, "She in no way would have jumped within a few months at the chance to be bride number six." What's more, the judge said Douglas concealed the number of kids he actually had, his past criminal conduct, and failure to pay taxes for nearly a decade.The judge said the fraud went to the heart of her reasons for marrying Douglas, so now it's like it never happened.It was all bad., the marriage was annulled a few days ago on the grounds of fraud.As it turns out, Douglas kept a lot about himself a secret for quite some time during their relationship.His goal was to find women who were interested in talking to him on the phone. On an average week he was making five to 10 phone calls.My job was to find the women who'd want to do that. Considering I was targeting up to 600 women a week, it doesn't take a maths genius to figure out that from a business point of view, that's a terrible return.Smith countered by asking for her own restraining order, saying it’s Douglas who flies into fits of rage, even going as far as to accuse her of sleeping with other women.A month later, she filed for divorce and was ordered to pay the man ,000 a month in spousal support.

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