Updating gcc gentoo

Assume that you don’t have X11 and that you don’t want it. In Gentoo on the other hand you would have -x11 in your USE flags and everything would be cool. There are also little touches like how Gentoo uses colors by default, to improve clarity and to go easier on the eyes.

Now, you are installing PHP and you want to have support for graphical operations (image conversion, CAPTCHA generation, etc). All of these things make it a pleasure to use Gentoo.

* For convenience, a symlink to the build log is located at '/var/tmp/portage/sys-devel/gcc-4.9.3-r3/temp/build.log'.You could also use the local overlay to just add the updated ebuilds for things you do want to upgrade (and required dependency upgrades, etc) but I think that would quickly become very unwieldy. In this article, we will be enabling the GCC options marked with “To use this code transformation, GCC has to be configured with –with-ppl and –with-cloog to enable the Graphite loop transformation infrastructure. In addition, Link Time Optimization(LTO) refers to the options -flto and -fuse-linker-plugin.-fuse-linker-plugin tells GCC to use an external linker and -flto defers link time optimizations until the final link step so that the optimizer can work across the whole program rather than on individual object files.Open MP is for parallelization and I save it for another article since I do not have benchmarks to show that it improves performance.For example, I would like root to use stable version for sure.and meanwhile, I would like my normal user to use some edge-cutting version.To enable graphite, LTO, and Open MP it is recommended to first install the latest version of GCC.More recent versions of GCC contain bug fixes for features we are about to enable. After upgrading GCC, we start enabling the newer features.The steps follow the guidelines on the Gentoo wiki roughly.However, it is unnecessary to rebuild everything after upgrading GCC as explained in the official GCC upgrade guide.

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