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For more information, see How to Dispute Credit Report Information.

A recent credit score report from Trans Union states that I "have no real estate accounts that can be used in determining a credit score." Yet I do have a mortgage in good standing with a credit union that does not show up on my credit report.

Examine your credit report thoroughly from all three credit bureaus (Equifax, Experian and Trans Union), and note which credit bureau is reporting information about you that needs to be updated.

Credit bureaus may report certain information about you differently.

For example, one credit bureau may report that your previous employer is still your current employer.

Therefore, it is important to check for any inconsistencies in your credit report.

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One of the fastest ways to have information updated on your credit report is by placing a request for investigation online with the specific credit bureau.

Before you panic and think something must be wrong keep in mind that, in general, creditors forward information like updated balances and newly opened accounts to the credit reporting agencies on a monthly basis.

The first factor to consider is that not every lender reports to all three of the credit bureaus.

Having your credit up to date is essential, since negative or incorrect information can have a profound impact on your life.

Negative credit can damage your ability to rent or purchase a home, obtain credit or insurance, open a bank account or even get a job.

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