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Augustine’s Cathedral, as well as “A” mountain and El Tiradito, the wishing shrine, along the way.Since 2002, The Loft Cinema, has been serving Southern Arizona as a non-profit arts organization. There are restaurants I’ve left out that are great restaurants. Falora, Penca and 47 Scott, as well, are excellent places to bring a date. For one, the place needs to This is by no means an all-inclusive list.But, I wanted to highlight restaurants that with three o’s, bold, and italic. Not liking this place would be the equivalent of not liking dogs or babies. Tavolino was great in its original location at Ina & Oracle and it’s great now, too. It’s in a wine shop called the Rum Runner, so there’s no sign… The lighting is perfectly dark and sexy, the servers are all professionals, and their food rocks: Long-Stem Artichoke Hearts with Shiitake Duxelles, Parmesan Polenta, Truffle Oil, and Almond-Basil Pesto; Moulard Duck with Cashew Crust, Chili Fried Noodle, Napa Cabbage, Radish, Sprouts, and Smoked Shiitake Broth; and Halupki with Smoked Basmati Rice, Baby Corn, Cabbage, Chevre, Black Olive, Tempura Chinese Broccoli, and Oven Dried Tomato Puree. I mean, like, way longer than most restaurants that have been around a long time. Originally, it was a boarding school for girls, followed by a guest ranch fave of the Hollywood elite. But, sure enough, this is Tucson, and some foolio is going to walk in wearing flip-flops and make you question what’s sacred anymore.

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Tucson Food Tours offers walking tours of downtown Tucson with knowledgeable guides who point out sites of interest on the way.Today, visitors can hear musical concerts and participate in public discussions.With Fleur de Tucson Hot Air Balloon Rides, visitors can get a birds eye view of the surrounding desert landscape from up to 2500 feet high. Our local favorite off the beaten path recommendations for visitors and guests to Tucson Arizona from locals that love our city.Carnival of Illusion: An Intimate Evening of MAGIC, MYSTERY and OOOH LA LA!My city is best described by these five words: sprawling, kind, community, adobe, and hot!The most famous thing about my city is its natural landscape.Only the Tucson Meet Yourself could happen in my city, which brings together the diversity of the entire city in one giant weekend of food, dance, and music. They have great locally-owned thrift stores, boutiques and Antigone Books. A good walking tour is The Presidio Trail, A Historical Walking Tour of Downtown Tucson.For your upscale shopping fix, definitely go to La Encantada. You’ll see examples of Southwestern architecture at the courthouse and St.This Tucson favorite art house is host to several film festivals throughout the year as well as film discussions with the artists.Surrounded by stunning Sonoran Desert scenery, Tucson, AZ, is a vibrant city where visitors find a diverse selection of museums, attractions, activities, restaurants, beautiful parks and gardens.

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