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Every mechanic or auto dealer I've ever been to seems to use Snap-On tools.I've always assumed that they were the gold standard for quality in that business, but in another thread it was implied that you could buy better tools for less money.The third question is simply - are you going to use this tool to do something stupid? is a US manufacturer and marketer of high-end tools and equipment for professional use. franchisees performs most ratchet warranty repairs to tools onsite.

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There is a reason for this - cheap tools have an annoying tendency to wear out and/or break (we'll talk about the breakage factor later).Tool maker Snap-on may be the least heralded growth stock of the past decade.And that growth should continue as the increasing complexity of cars and trucks creates new demand for the company’s products.No ratchet was involved in this early set, but a universal joint and ratchet attachment (between the handle and socket) were the first additions to the line.The ratchet adapter was the first item for which they applied for and received a patent.With its shares (ticker: SNA) up more than 330% since 2005, the maker of ratchets, wrenches, and diagnostic systems for auto mechanics and service stations is in a rarefied league more typically occupied by high-tech darlings such...You're reading this guide because you want or need to buy a tool - even if you have lots and lots of them - for one of the following reasons: 1) You broke one, 2) You need it, or 3) Just Because (my personal favorite).Snap-on supplies franchisees with repair kits specifically for that purpose.However, Snap-on was receiving many field reports citing difficulty in handling and placing certain small components when repairing their popular ¼” drive ratchets.I installed my rear spring with 2" x 4" blocks under each spring end and a ratchet type band clamp pulling down on the middle which spread the ends enough to allow me to insert the shackles into the holes.Jim Patrick Many years ago, I built a heavy-duty rear spring spreader. I am perfectly happy to loan it to anyone needing it (Within a reasonable drive away).

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