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He explained: "Sarah Jessica Parker, to keep defaming her, she had a third party say to me, 'Don't put your tongue in her mouth.'".Rob Lowe messed up a potential romance with Sarah Jessica Parker when he took his girlfriend along with him for their first date. She sent a message to me: 'How can you say my eyes are brown?" Rob interjected, before Bradley said "I don't know" while the crowd laughed.

He recalls, "(Our agents) arranged a meeting just so we could sort of get to know one another and I stupidly brought my girlfriend because I didn't realise it was potentially, maybe a matchmaking thing." The former The West Wing star admits he and Parker have become friends over the years and they still laugh about their first meeting.

, and it just so happened that Sarah Jessica Parker was to become a topic of discussion… Check out the video above, where she's mentioned once near the beginning and once near the end!

Apparently she loves third party intermediaries and doesn't like to talk to people directly, because in both stories she didn't express her qualms with either of the actors herself — About getting her eye color wrong with Rob, and not using tongue during an on-screen kiss with Bradley! We wonder if any other celebs that have worked with her have similar stories!

She said 'I cannot believe that you don't remember my eyes are blue.'" Lowe then said he learned of her displeasure through third party intermediaries. " Asked Ed Helms, who was at the show with Bradley Cooper to promote Hangover 2.

"Because they used to..." started Bradley, "Used to what?

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