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Key Fly supports different methods for rights management from traditional pay-TV Systems to Free TV with new value-added services.

Key Fly provides for impulse-purchase of pay-per-view events or subscription periods, which can be paid for via SMS or the internet.

This layer separates transactions on mobile phone from operating system.

This checks any malware from effecting transactions,” Choudhury said.

The data from photo radar vans is conclusive as well.

While government is pushing for digital payments through mobile phones, chipset maker Qualcomm said that wallets and mobile banking applications in India are not using hardware level security which can make online transactions more secure.“You will be surprised because most of the banking or wallet apps around the world don’t use hardware security.

Red light cameras help to keep our crosswalks safe and prevent dangerous side impact crashes.

Photo radar assists in reducing speeds to protect sensitive populations in school zones, construction zones, residential neighborhoods, and near parks.

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How do you know that your device is getting ready for demonetisation?The MTV Staying Alive Foundation’s animated advertisement shows Dick the Dog and his owner out for a walk.The dog sees lips on a car’s exhaust pipe and the camera moves to show the owner’s blushing face.Sexual activity was implied, but not shown and the advertisement did not contain anything that breached community standards or could cause serious offence.They did not believe that the presence of a condom on the dog’s head would encourage cruel or inappropriate behaviour.There is implied sex, off-screen, and the dog is kept safe by wearing a condom.The Advertiser said the advertisement dealt with serious social issues of safe sex and HIV prevention in a humorous way.They actually run completely in Android mode and users password can be stolen. in India that is the case for most of all digital wallets and mobile banking apps,” Qualcomm senior director (Product management) Sy Choudhury told reporters.He said that even most famous digital payment application in India is not using hardware level security.“Reason we are saying that none of them is using it because we work with OEMs (original equipment makers),” Choudhury said.In Denver, the data demonstrates clearly the safety benefit of this program.At the four locations where red light cameras operate, incidents of red light running have decreased and accidents have gone down.

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