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This view shows the "watch winding stem" which is actually the camera's lens mount.Right of, and above the stem, a round button protrudes from the side of the casing. A slot with a protruding metal tab can be seen further right and mid-body in this photo.Pulled half-way along the slot, the tab opens the shutter for time exposures.Pulling the tab fully along the slot arms the shutter for instantaneous shots.Expo Camera Top Cover This view shows the EXPO monogram engraved in the camera's cover.The lens cap, shown covering the tip of the winding stem in this image, serves to protect the lens, is used to regulate time exposures, caps the shutter while arming and adds to the pocket watch deception.

You can find info about the city and its suburbs, general information, business catalogues, entertainment, news, places to visit, travel and more.

Listen to 120 international speakers on 5 stages – Inspire, Startup, Tech, Tech Plus, Marketing Plus. See the speakers Get access to 200 international startups with verified projects. Work some more on your relations during the networking parties.

Get inspired by the experience of other VCs, corporate investors and accelerators. Use filters in our Speed Dating tool to specify your interests and pre-book meetings with startups, other investors and executives. You can also visit the expo area and test up to 200 innovative products. Discuss dealflow, find co-investment partners, learn proven ways to earn on technology. Meetup VC partners: Take part in an exclusive event for executives and investors. Continue your discussions during the Leaders Boat Race galleon trip on the Bay of Gdansk.

The month of February is the month of love, but many guys find it really hard these days to find that perfect girl, or even to get girls to like them.

Most guys, believe it or not, want to be with a girl whom they can be with for the best part of their lives.

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