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They will find extensive and fascinating information at the following Web site:Distribute the list of names of animals found in the Burgess Shale, and invite students, working individually or in groups, to select, research, and find a description of one or more animals.Because much of Earth was under the ocean millions of years ago, fossils of sea animals can be found in parts of the Earth that are now far above sea level, such as the area known as the Burgess Shale in the western Canadian Rocky Mountains.A list of the following Burgess Shale fossil forms: Anomalocaris canadensis, Opabinia regalis, Pikaia gracilens, Nectocaris pteryx, Aysheaia Peduncilata, Habelia optata, Paterina zenobia, Diaphora bellicostata, Leanchoilia Superlata, Canadaspis perfecta, Micromitra pannula, Naraoia compacta, Yohoia tenuis, Burgessia bella, Acrothyra gregaria, Sidneyia inexpectens, Hallucigenia sparasa, Waptia fieldensis, Olenoides serratus, Wiwaxia corrugata, Llingulella waptaensis, Amiskwia sagittiformis, Nisusia burgessensis, Fieldia lanceolata Make sure students understand what basic background material they will need in order to proceed with the activities.

On an empirical level, the Mount Saint Helens eruption gave us a tangible example of how polystratic fossils might form.

While the fossil record is incomplete, it still helps lend evidence to the Theory of Evolution.

Fossils are relatively rare because of all of the elements that have to fall into place before an organism can become a fossil.

According to Answers in Genesis: The volcano sent mud and debris hurtling down into Spirit Lake, sloshing a wave nearly 900 feet (300 m) up its initially tree-studded slopes.

The wave sheared off trees with enough lumber to make all the houses in a large city!

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