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The original 1936 Fiesta line was limited to just five colors — red (which resembles orange), blue (these days it’s known as cobalt), green (sometimes called light or original green), yellow, and old ivory (“old” was dropped). Some Fiesta collectors acquire pieces only in these six colors.

There were 34 pieces in that original lineup, from coffeepots to sugar bowls, candle holders to casseroles, dinner plates to carafes.

As a result, there have been many new pieces made which do not have this special mark.

You will find it on problem items which have the same markings in both the old and new lines such as: juice pitchers, disc pitchers, tripod candleholders, sauceboats, and others.

Seventeen more styles of cups (including the Tom and Jerry mugs), marmalades, mustards, platters and vases were added before the end of the 1930s.

For collectors, two pieces in particular are among the most prized: a 12" compartment plate and a covered onion soup bowl, both of which were dropped in the first year, thus severely limiting their supply.

When trying to tell the differences between old and new Fiesta, many collectors will become familiar with all the various colors.

Before e Bay shoppers click buy, they should learn about the Fiestaware brand, and how to identify colors and markings that signal genuine vintage Fiestaware. It gained immediate attention and became very popular, very quickly.

By its second year, more than one million Fiestaware pieces were in production.

Not only can collectors experience the thrill of finding authentic Fiestaware pieces, they can also decorate their homes with vibrant style and color.

However, since some new collectors can confuse older Fiestaware with modern ones, they need to gain insight before buying vintage dishes.

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