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A man with his face blackened with paint was being beaten by a crowd of people, mostly youngsters, in Chitral city when police rushed to the place and rescued him.The ‘fault’ of the man was said to be that he used to act as a middleman for the men coming from other districts in search of a bride here and entice the parents to give the hand of their girls to non-local people.ISLAMABAD – Fourteen-year-old Hasina moved para-medical staff and other people to tears when she reached Islamabad from her native Chitral to receive six bodies of her family members, all of whom who were killed in the tragic PK-661 plane crash on 7 December 2016.The tragic PIA plane crash has deprived Hasina of both her parents, as well as her sisters and brothers.Chitral city is 365 km from Peshawar and connected through Lowari Pass.

Gullible in nature and lacking exposure to the life outside their district, they would be easily duped by the non-local, but rich people coming from other areas.

Most of tourists come to Kalash for beautiful views of this city. Most of kalash people depends on cattle and small home industries where they made beautiful kalash traditional dresses. People from all over the world love to buy kalash hand made dresses. Kalash women are very loving and caring with their family.

Specially they love to buy girls hand made dresses and other clothes. Kalash beautiful girls have wish to get higher education but they do not have good enough schools and other educational institutes.

They carry out investigation about particulars of the person marrying a local girl and get the marriage dissolved by force if they are not satisfied and send the girl back to her home.

The people in general abhor the local persons who would arrange such marriages in lieu of a petty amount of money.

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